Scholarships / Assistance


The DARA scholarship program is available to all program participants who meet the Scholarship Criteria. The scholarship program is funded through donations and special events that designate a certain amount to the fund.


The Scholarship Application must be completed and returned to the DARA office at least one week before the end of early registration for the program in which you are requesting assistance. If you do not meet the scholarship program criteria, and still need assistance, please call the DARA director to discuss your situation.




If granted a scholarship:

The program participant is required to pay at least a  $10 fee toward the cost of the program (may be more depending on the monies available in the fund and the number of applicants) with the remaining program cost covered by the scholarship.

Participants are eligible to receive a scholarship up to three times in one calendar year. A new scholarship application is required on an annual basis.

To apply for a program scholarship, please complete the Scholarship Application and return it to DARA using any of the above listed methods.