Get Involved - Volunteer!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Without dedicated and

knowledgeable volunteers, DARA programs would not be as fun and successful as they are today.

Volunteer coaches and program volunteers play a vital role in our

participants' experience with DARA. Volunteering also provides you

the volunteer, with many benefits.

  • Teaching our local youth new skills

  • Giving back to your community

  • Making new friends

  • Staying physically active

  • Having fun!

These are just a few of the benefits our volunteers have realized in past programs. Volunteer today and begin enjoying the benefits of recreation in a new role!

DARA takes great pride in providing local youth with trained and safe coaches. Every DARA volunteer that will be in contact with youth participants without direct and constant supervision of a DARA employee must complete a Volunteer Application and Agreement which allows a criminal history check to be completed prior to volunteering.

A criminal history check is completed on every volunteer once per year that meets the criteria. Potential volunteers meeting any of the set disqualifiers are not allowed to volunteer.

It is our goal to provide your child with great role models to help provide him/her with a great DARA experience.

Volunteers are used for a number of DARA programs in many different capacities. If you are interested in volunteering for any of the programs listed on this website, please contact the DARA office or simply complete the Volunteer Application and Agreement and mail or fax it to the DARA office.

Mailing Address: 1401 West Herbison Road

DeWitt, MI 48820

Fax Number: (517) 482-1293