DARA Program and Web Site Policies

DARA policies and procedures relative to DARA programs and this website are detailed below.  Please feel free to contact the DARA office with questions relating to the below policies.

Program Credit Policy:

DeWitt Area Recreation Authority program credits will be issued to participants that wish to be removed from a program after the last day of the early registration period and prior to the second date the program meets (Exception: Adult team sports*). After the program has met for the second time, no credit or refund will be granted. There will be a $5.00 administrative fee withheld for all credits. Credits can be used up to one calendar year from the date it was issued, and can only be used by the participant or members of the immediate family.

*Adult team sports refunds will only be issued prior to the end of the registration period. A $5.00 administrative fee will be withheld from all adult team sports refunds.

Refund Policy:

Full refunds will be given to participants that have registered for a program which has been canceled by the DeWitt Area Recreation Authority.

Full refunds will also be given to participants that wish to be removed from a program if notification is received prior to the end of the early registration period.

Refunds may take 7-10 business days to process.

Cancellation Procedure:

Most classes and activities are fully supported by registration fees. If a sufficient number of people do not register for the class, we will notify participants immediately following the registration period and send the registered participants a full refund. If you have registered for a program but you've changed your mind and would like to be removed from the program, please review our Refund Policy (shown above).

DARA Web Site Linking Policy

What is a link? A link is an area on the Internet that allows users to move from one web site to another web site. This Policy pertains to links that allows users to leave DARA's web site to move to another web site.

Link Criteria:

DARA reviews the provision of links to external web sites as a public service that can benefit the DeWitt community and other site visitors. Overall, DARA's web site should provide useful information and reflect a positive image of the DeWitt community to citizens, businesses and visitors.

Links on DARA's web site should also satisfy a governmental purpose. In particular, DARA will consider providing links to sites that promote and protect the public heath, safety and welfare. DARA reserves the right to determine placement of external links within its web site. The following list contains examples of web sites that DARA will consider when selecting links:

  • Health and safety web sites as they pertain to community recreation and parks
  • Other official government web sites
  • Web sites of nonprofit institutions, organizations or associations whose purpose is to provide the public with access to the arts, humanities, local culture, education or community sports
  • Web sites of organizations funded by the City of DeWitt and DeWitt Township
  • Web sites of nonprofit organizations that provide support to other nonprofit groups or DeWitt community businesses
  • Web sites of public or private organizations that have established a partnership with the City of DeWitt and DeWitt Township government to help it meet its strategic goals

Please note that the provision of a link to any site is not an endorsement of the organization or of site content. DARA is not responsible for the content of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site.

Links That Will Not Be Accepted:

DARA web site will not provide links to:

  • Sites promoting illegal activities
  • Sexually explicit sites
  • Sites containing information that violates any of the DARA's equal opportunity policies

Link Submission Request:

DARA will make the final determination on links to the DARA web site. Email requests for links shall be made by emailing the webmaster.

Please state the purpose of linking from DARA's web site to your requested site as well as a contact name and address. A US Mail request can be made to: Clay Summers, Executive Director, DeWitt Area Recreation Authority, 1401 West Herbison Road, DeWitt, MI 48820.